• Long battery life
• Mounted on door or window frames
• Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
• Also serves as a universal transmitter
• Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal
and sabotage
• Enables home automation and security systems to
turn on/off appliances accordingly
• Sleek, modern design

• Power magnet allows for an overall side-to-side gap
distance of 28 mm
• Randomized supervision signals to check system
integrity and troubleshooting
• LED serves as a fault and test mode indicator
• Low battery detection
• Compliant with CE requirement
• Certified to Standard: EN 50131 Grade2, ClassⅡ


Frequency 433 MHz/ 868 MHz/ 429 MHz Narrow FM
Power Source 3V, CR2123 Lithium battery x 1
Battery Life 10 years* (433MHz/868MHz) - 4.7 years* (429 MHz Narrow FM)
Operating Temperature -10°C to 45°C
Operating Humidity Up to 85% non-condensing
Dimensions 86.7mm x 31mm x 22.5mm

* Note: Battery life varys depending upon usage and environment.

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