Keypad. Always know who's arm and disarm.

NookBox Keypad are 16-buttton wireless keypads with backlighting for easy use at nighttime.

Part-number: 119010
E-number: 6309744

IR Detector. Smart enough to tell a person from a pet.

NookBox IR Detector is a microprocessor controlled PIR motion sensor providing quality detection.

Part-number: 119042
E-number: 6309764

Mini Door Contact

Wireless Mini Door Contact for extra surveillance of doors and windows. This unit uses F1 technology.

Smart Scenario Switch

Have smart control over your home just by clicking on this units buttons.

Door Contact Input. If a door or window opens, you'll know.

NookBox Door Contact Input is a door contact designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows.

Part-number: 119004
E-number: 6309763

Smoke Multi detector serial - Even tells you when there's fire without smoke.

Wireless smoke detector for Nookbox with multiple functions including built-in motion detector, heat detector, and temperature sensor.

IR 360 Detector. Keeps an eye on all angles.

NookBox IR 360 Detector is a ceiling mount PIR motion sensor with a 360° look-down capability to eliminate blind spots in the monitored area.

Part-number: 119044
E-number: 6309679

Video Door Phone WiFi. Always know who's at the door.

NookBox Video Door Phone is designed for you to see a visitor and answer your
door with a smart phone from anywhere.

Part-number: 119010
E-number: 6309744

Siren Outdoor - Let the neighbors know

NookBox Siren Outdoor is a battery-operated siren that is designed to be fitted in the front of the property in a highly visible position, providing a permanent visual deterrent to intruders. It features both visible and audible alerts for possible intruders, emergencies and safety incidents. As a multi-functional outdoor bell box it can generate unique alarm sounds for fire and burglary to inform users of the type of danger, and work with the control panel to emit entry, exit delay, and low battery beeps.

Part-number: 119002
E-number: 6309662

Remote Control - Easy handling

NookBox Remote control provides easy control of a security system from a distance. Its sliding cover design prevents unintended activation.

Part-number: 119046
E-number: 6309680

Camera Detector - See what's happening

NookBox Camera IR Detector is a wireless motion detector with night vision and wide angle camera that detects and reports presence to provide visual authentication. With wide-angle lenses, this full coverage has no blind spots.

Part-number: 119047
E-number: 6309681

Water Detector - Keep track of leaks

NookBox wireless water detector make your family more comfortable and prevent against serious water damage that can cause stressful and expensive home repairs and damages. This is a perfect solution for water leakage monitoring in basements, garages, bathrooms and kitchens or any place where water leakage can occur.

Part-number: 119019
E-number: 6309668

Temperature Sensor - Is the heat on?

NookBox wireless ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor, offering a smart solution for healthier and comfortable home environment. Protect your home and belongings by monitoring the temperature and humidity levels in your home and receive immediate alerts if the climate fluctuates to unsafe or undesirable levels.

Part-number: 119036
E-number: 6309675

Smart Plug - Turn on/off

NookBox Smart Plug to turn on and off devices in the home through the NookBox app. Schedule when lights turn on or off. See power consumption of connected devices.

Part-number: 119033
E-number: 6309673

Glass & Shock Detector - Who knocks on your window

Nookbox Glass & Shock Detector for your window with a discreet appearance, works on all types of glasses.

Part-number: 119018
E-number: 6309667

Siren Indoor

NookBox wireless Indoor Siren with 104dB will make everyone in the house aware of the alarm!

Part-number: 119017
E-number: 6309666

Smoke Detector

NookBox Wireless optical smoke detector with built-in siren 85dB two-way communication, and button for self-test.

Part-number: 119016
E-number: 6309665

Glass and Break Detector

Nookbox Acoustic Glass Cross works as a first protection for your home. It can be used to activate, for example, a siren to deter potential intruders.

Part-number: 119001
E-number: 6309661

AC Indoor Siren

NookBox AC Siren Indoor Zigbee is a multi-unit, AC-powered indoor siren (95dB), ding dong and repeater. It has a built-in speaker with warning tones that match all your home, intrusion, fire, flood, or emergency needs. Voice prompts let the user and family members know the exact reason for the warning, no hassle to memorize unique alert sounds. Rechargeable battery backup which means it will continue to work even when the power is gone.

Part-number: 119054
E-number: 6309746

Outdoor Camera IR Detector - Discover the intruder in time

NookBox outdoor ir camera snapping high-quality color images for visual verification.
This camera, which provides complete camera coverage of the monitored area, leaves no blind spot when
capturing alarm scenes.

Part-number: 119050
E-number: 6309683