Freedom to choose

NookBox always comes with no strings attached, it will make your home smarter and safer on its own. So you never have to worry about monthly fees or subscription periods. However, if you at any time want to add an extra layer of security you can easily connect your NookBox to an alarm monitoring center.

It’s safe, it’s smart, it’s NookBox.

NookBox combines the safety of a home security system with the smartness of home automation. We call it smart home security. It means that it makes your home life both smoother and safer. Good for you, bad for the bad guys.

The NookBox product family

Find your favorite products and discover new ways to make your home safer and smarter.

Always know what's going on at home

With the free NookBox app you can monitor your home wherever you are.

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It all begins with NookBox Start Kit

NookBox Start Kit includes everything you need to setup your smart home security system: gateway, remote keypad, motion detector and door contact input. Whenever you feel like it you can always add a new product, like a smoke alarm, and it will sync seamlessly together with your other products to make your home even smarter. And the NookBox app lets you control all your products from one place – your smartphone.

The NookBox product family

Find your favorite products and discover new ways to make your home smarter and safer.


Utom- och inomhus sirener

IR Camera Detector

Få bilder direkt till appen vid larm.

Video Door Phone

Dörrtelefon med video kopplad mot app.

Smoke Detector

Rökdetektor med inbyggd siren.

IR Pet Detector

Full kontroll på rummet

Power Meter Switch

Stäng av eller sätt på dina enheter från appen.

Look for ZigBee

NookBox is compatible with many smart home products, just look for the Zigbee logo.

Door Lock

Håll koll på vilka som kommer hem

Light Switch/Dimmer

Dimma din belysning via NookBox

Temperature Sensor

Fukt- och temperaturgivare inomhus

Relay Switch

Möjligheter att styra det mesta!

Water Detector

Vattendetektor med fukt och temperaturgivare.


Höj eller sänk värmen i ditt värmesystem